Renovation of chrome parts for classic cars and motorbikes

We are able to restore everything - from screws, through handlebars, tanks, masks to the bumpers....

Maximum dimensions of parts, which we are able to restore are L 2500 mm, W 500 mm, D 500 mm.

High Quality

Mirorr reflection is matter of course.

Short time delivery

Delivery time start on 6 weeks.

Acceptable price

Price refers to the quality.

Advantages for regular customers

Are you restore workshop, or from your hobby happend a part of life?

Specially for you we have customers care with discounts and other advantages.

Why use us?

  • We guarantee that parts will be restored by skilled workres which assures exhibition quality. Our practice is more than 7 years.
  • We follow agreed delivery time and price.
  • Don´t worry that you parts will be lose. Our system manage order from incoming to the finish and handover.
  • We are everytime on phone ready to tell you in which phase your order is.

How does it work? How the parts are restored?

1. First contact - Even you know about us from exhibitions or other classic car events, from internet, or your friends, there are 4 ways how to contact us. By phone, email, personal visit (this we prefer, durring your visit we can show you physically how are parts restored) or to bring parts on exhibition we visiting. Durring this first contact we are able to tell you approximate price and answer for your questions.

2. We are starting - First step after recieving of order is detail register of it. It means that all parts are making detail pictures of all parts, it list and with contact details we are insering data into our electronical system.

3. Planning - Orders are planned based to the date if receipt. In some cases we are able to push some parts for earlier elaboration.

4. Mechanical treatment - In shortcut this is the 

  • Standartly we are visiting stock exchange in Czech ( Chotusice, Brno, Kladno ), Germany ( Mannheim, Hockenheimring )

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