Renovation of chrome parts for old cars and motorbikes

We are able to renovate everything - from screws, through handlebars, tanks, masks to the bumpers....

Maximum dimensions of parts, which we are able to renovate are L 2500 mm, W 500 mm, D 500 mm.

High Quality

Mirorr reflection is matter of course.

Short time delivery

Delivery time start on 6 weeks.

Acceptable price

Price refers to the quality.

Why use us?

  • We guarantee that parts will be restaured by skilled workres which assures exhibition quality. Our practice is more than 7 years.
  • We follow agreed delivery time and price.
  • Don´t worry that you parts will be lose. Our system manage order from incoming to the finish and handover.
  • We are everytime on phone ready to tell you in which phase your order is.í.

Visit us on stock exchange

  • Standartly we are visiting stock exchange in Czech ( Chotusice, Brno, Kladno ), Germany ( Mannheim, Hockenheimring )

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